We’ve found the following books and articles to be the most helpful in creating our biological farm, if you’re interested in improving your soil, and the food your grow, we highly recommend them:


Mainline Farming for Century 21
by Dan Skow, D.V.M, Charles Walters Jr.
Summary: Mainline Farming for Century 21 is a graduate course in agriculture. It does not settle for tip-toeing beyond the conventional, it takes bold strides – and it answers what the farmer wants to know, all the while demolishing the mythology on white toxic rescue chemistry hs been built.  Few people have asked and answered the right questions with the total consistency of Dr. Dan Skow. his teacher was teh late Dr. Carey Reams, the lessons Skow learned – and improved upon – were strong meat.  The led him to a full appreciate of cause and effect, the role of precedence – every phenomenon or act preceding another – called cause. The scientific system cannot function without honest addivity, namely units of measurement that have equal intervals and an absolute zero.  Mainline Farming for Century 21 teaches how to measure fertility down to the atomic level and project forward bins and bushels with brix high enough to confer immunity to fungal, bacterial and insect attack – and ward off weeds.

The Anatomy of Life & Energy in Agriculture
by Dr. Arden B. Andersen
Third Edition
Summary:  The energies in fertilizers and in the cosmos do not often move needles, but they preside over crop production.  As this introductory text makes clear, through learning to tap and use “life force energy” it is possible to develop food production practices that are both high quality and nondestructive.  Chapters outline in detail the difference between deadly slow-kill agribusiness farming and farming as it should be.  As Dr. Andersen puts it, “Everything is energry, whether it be thought, soil, air, water, or some chemical. What makes each thing different is the energy pattern and frequency at which it resonates.  Some patters and frequencies are detrimental to biological life, and some are beneficial.  Our goal is to minimize the detrimental and maximize the beneficial.”



Healing the Body and Mind through the Gut.  Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride
Acres U.S.A Magazine