IMG_1721An Introduction to Biological Farming

Biological farming understands the necessity for a balanced relationship between three aspects of the soil, namely physical, chemical and biological to sustain life. Everything comes from the soil and returns to the soil, it is a living system alive with trillions of organisms that recycle nutrients and sustain life. How we manage the soil and microbial life determines not only the health of the society in which we live. The growing epidemic of disease such as, cancer and mental illness, as well as the continuing degradation of our environment, can be related back to the mismanagement of the co-system. Raised awareness of the damage caused by past practices illustrates how critical the balance between nature, agriculture and society is. We are quickly realizing that these past practices are unprofitable and unsustainable. Biological farming is about looking at the whole agronomic, environmental picture, nutritional and biological components of what constitutes a healthy soil. Biological Farming combines the best of conventional and organic farming with an emphasis on attaining naturally productive soils that display high levels of biological activity. The main purpose is to maximize the activity of soil microbes through the provision of good soil nutrition and structure, together with adequate supplies of energy, air and water. Biological farming is using modern technology and new methods, but uses only those that do not interfere with natural systems and do not cause harm down the road.